Monday, January 30, 2012


 Could I make something interesting with just a fine black marker?  That was the challenge I set for myself.  I had picked up a few technical drawing books at a used book store and was amazed at some of the detailed drawings.  Got out my smooth drawing pad, began a rough sketch in pencil then went over my main lines in ink and thats when the fun began.  My favorite was the outside border of just scribbles.  No thinking is involved in this and it was really relaxing.  I stressed a bit about trying an ink drawing, afraid that there is NO room for error.  That really isn't true, if you make a mistake simply add on to make it part of the overall design.  It was fun and I will have to try it again.  Maybe with other colors!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Three birds on the line.

Three birds on a line
Just finished reading "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett given to me as a Christmas gift from my youngest daughter (great book by the way).  I had wanted this book and refused to see the movie until I finished reading it.  The cover illustration by Ellen Granter I thought was beautiful.  I loved her colors.  I wonder, did she paint the illustration specially for the book or did someone discover her?  I changed up the birds just a bit but the feel is still there.  I guess I will have to wait till the movie is at red box or on netflex since it is no longer at the theater.   Just goes to show, you never know where your inspiration may come from.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Raven

The Raven
Decided to try my hand at a watercolor with elements of ink.  The Raven started out with an inspirational image in Artists' Cafe Magazine by Stampington and Co. Vol 5.  After sketching the initial Raven I then began to play with color and add elements of my own.  I like the final result and think it would look great with a black mat and frame.  If you have not had the chance to look at all the Stampington Magazines pick up a copy and take a look.  They can be found at Michaels or ordered on-line.  My favorites are: Artists' Cafe, Artful Blogging, Where Women Create and Somerset Life.  They are a constant source of inspiration.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bird, Egg, Nest, Feather

Bird, Egg, Nest, Feather 
As promised, I finished my 1x1 mini watercolor collage and had so much fun I am sure I will do this again.  The nice thing about creating such small pieces is that you don't have to commit to hours on a piece.  A bit here and a bit there and before you know it you have enough to put it together like a quilt.  My grandmother would be proud, as she made many handmade quilts out of the smallest bits of fabric, wanting nothing to go to waste.   Birds seem to be the theme this week and I have already been working on the next bird watercolor.  Try your hand at these little works, they really free you up to just play. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Two Birds
Decided to try my hand at a 1" square theme with birds, eggs and nest but got a bit side-tracked.  I did get some of the squares done (future blog) but had fun painting these two birds.  Tried to stick with just a few colors and like the combination.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I dreamed of a girl.....

I dreamed of a girl
It is quiet this morning so I started to sketch.  Pretty soon the watercolors came out, then the ink and next thing I know paper scraps, stamps and glue.  As I added a bit of this, then a bit of that the woman became a bit clearer in my minds eye.  It isn't everyday I paint a woman with blue hair but I think it works.  I looked through my word cut outs and found "I dreamed of a girl", perfect!  Overall, I am happy with the result.  Hope you like it too.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A French Bird's Eye View

a vol d oiueau
Decided to try my hand at another drawing on my brown paper.  This time I used brown ink and created a little crowned bird in her nest with the caption "a vol d oiueau" (french: a birds eye view).  I crowned her because I think all mothers deserve to be a queen now and then.  At the last moment I stuck a berry in her mouth (maybe because I was eating berries and cream for breakfast)!  It's funny, but most people rarely look up and I can't help but wonder what tbirds see of this funny human race as they are pearched in their nests.  I'm sure they probably wonder, do they ever sit?  When is the last time you actually spent sometime sitting outdoors and listened to a bird sing?  If your like me, your probably long overdue. This brown paper that I purchased on a roll from Home Depot is thick and durable making it a good choice for ink drawings.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Fresh Berries and Cream

You don't expect to find fresh berries in the market this time of year, but there they were, like little jewels bursting with sweetness.  Years ago I went to a lunch with a friend of mine at a very upscale restaurant.  Desert was brought to us in a beautiful glass filled with berries and cream.  It was light and oh so tasty.  I asked the waiter if he knew the recipe for the cream and after looking both directions leaned down and whispered......

Berries and Cream
Yogurt....Sugar....Whipping Cream....Vanilla .  I have since played around with these ingredients and have found that 2 yogurts (either vanilla or berry flavored), 2 Tbls. of Sugar, 1tsp. vanilla and 1/2cup whipping cream mixed with a whisk seems about right.  It works just as well as a breakfast treat and is a family favorite.  Bon Appetit!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Winter Reflections

The thunder sounds and lightening lights up the still dark sky this early morning.  While we are technically officially in mid-winter, most days are still fairly warm here in Texas and fall leaves still cover the soggy ground.  As I look at this blanket of leaves I am brought back to another time, a time when my home was filled with children and the joy they had in creating their own rain with fall leaves.  Curled up by the fireplace on this wet winter day is a good time to reflect on the lives that have touched ours and the sweet memories we hold dear of the ones we love.  

Saturday, January 7, 2012



Found this wonderful brown thick paperbag like paper at Home Depot on a large roll.  I've been looking for a nice brown paper for awhile now and this really fit the bill.  I decided to try my hand at a combination watercolor and pencil piece.  After a few tries, I finally got the combination right.  It turns out you cannot get the paper too wet and do not work it too much.  My lady is called Contemplation because she is simply looking ahead in deep thought.  I really like the simplicity and timelessness of this type of work and look forward to future projects.  I certainly have enough paper to last for a long time.

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year’s Un-resolutions

With the New Year upon us I am fighting the urge to make a long list of resolutions.  The very name “resolute”; having determination: possessing determination and purposefulness, has such a “determined” feel to it.    My normal career goals list goes something like this:  
  1. -         Loose weight (what this has to do with business I am not sure but is always at the top of the list)
  2. -         Make a living with my art (define living?)
  3. -         Organize my art room – supplies (never ending process, I always feel the need to pull out everything)
  4. -         Have my art in more galleries (have NO idea how to go about this)
  5. -         Keep up with paperwork (something I hate and put off until it is out of control)
  6. -         Draw, paint or create every single day ( working on that)
  7. -         Write a book, or finish what’s started
  8. -         Send already written children’s books to a publisher (a bit afraid of the rejection that all aspiring writers face)
  9. -         Keep better book-keeping records (the pile of receipts in the shoe box probably doesn’t really count)
  10. -         Don’t stress (yeah right, with a list like this, really?)

So here I go again, my resolutions stress me out!  You know what I mean, that Giant “TO DO” list, just waiting for me to check off each box.  I’ve hidden these lists in my Christmas stocking only to be pulled out the following year (the idea is that I will be pleasantly surprised how many goals I have accomplished the previous year but usually the list only reminds me that I haven’t yet reached most of the items on the list).   I have posted my list prominently (as a constant reminder to stay on task), or written the list in my journal (which I rarely write in) with the hope that just by jotting things down on paper will somehow, magically, make the wishes come true.  Sound familiar to anyone out there or am I the only crazy one?  This year, I’ve decided to allow myself the freedom of going with the flow. 


Jumping for Joy
 It’s not that I don’t have goals, I do, but I’m choosing (trying) to think of these as ideas to explore (a fun project of sorts ).  Don’t get me wrong, I am a firm believer in identifying the target then implementing small steps to achieve the target goal, but in this process want to remove the pressure and enjoy the process a bit more.  After all, if we hate the process, I think we’ve missed the point. 
Here’s to hoping all of you can enjoy each and every day of  this New Year you’ve been blessed with.




Thursday, January 5, 2012

Woodland Art League January Gallery Hanging

European Cafe
It’s that time again to swap out the gallery hanging at the Woodland Art League.   I have decided on a watercolor and a pencil drawing.  

European Café was inspired by my love of finding quaint little cafés where I could sit, enjoy a cappuccino and watch the world through the eyes of a tourist.  I love weaving stories about the people who pass by my table.  The ladies with the baskets were surely headed for the open air market to purchase the evenings veggies. 

Old Friends

Old ladies, arms linked together, heads bent toward each other,  still telling secrets that only the many years of friendship allow and lovers walking slowing, content to simply enjoy each other’s company on their way to a romantic picnic on some grassy knoll.  Wandering about the different paths each of us takes to create the stories of our own individual life.  

Lady of the Forest

 My pencil drawing “The lady of the Forest” was inspired by a favorite book of mine as a young girl.  The girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton Porter describes the woods so beautifully and I have tried to capture some of that beauty through my photography. 


Moss Bed

The forest floor is filled with treasures, just waiting to be discovered.    Acorn caps (the hats of baby elves), baby ferns unfolding (the symbol of new life) and the softest moss beds (for fairies that have tired from their flight).   

It is easy to let you imagination run wild in the forest (or for some of us, anytime).  Happy imagining everyone!